Local Leaders

Matt Thomas

Matt earned a biology degree from Union University in Jackson, TN, in 2002, but God called Matt to a different purpose with his career. After 22 years with Young Life, Matt joined the Search staff in July 2023. God continues to call him to opportunities where he can share his faith and the gospel with those around him.


Matt enjoys adventures in camping, skiing, and water sports. The beach and the mountains are two of Matt’s favorite places. Matt made the wise decision to marry Randi Lea in 2003. They have three exceptional kids, Vada, Darcy, and Levi, and they are Memphis Grizzlies fans all the way. Experience Community Church in Murfreesboro has been their church home since 2013.


Why did you choose to work at Search? I chose Search because I am made to build friendships and firmly believe that life is found in knowing Jesus Christ. Search allows me to build relationships with people, deepen friendships, and have honest conversations about who Jesus is in their life.