Questions. Answers. Conversations.

Why Search?

Seems like a silly question, doesn’t it: Why Search? We search because we seek to find meaning. Joining each other in that search for answers and exploring foundational questions about God is how we were designed, no matter what we believe about the ultimate answers. Here at Search, we help make those conversations happen.


Why Search Matters Now More Than Ever...

Does technology build connections? Has access brought us closer together or driven us further apart? Establishing connections, having conversations, and building relationships has never been as simple as a swipe on your Smartphone. Thanks to technology, even deep relationships are expected to happen quickly and easily, even effortlessly, with a text or a post. Of course, this is simply not the case.

At Search, we seek to provide face-to-face encounters, and establish connections through meaningful conversations. We ask that you be open to meeting people who, like you, are searching for the answers to “life’s big questions.” That instead of looking to be “friended” or “followed,” that you be ready to engage with others in conversations that will bring you closer to each other, and to God.

How Search Does It

Over many years of facilitating “big conversations,” Search has found ways to create conversations that spark meaningful questions and offer honest answers.

Forums are the place where people encounter fearless questions, honest answers, and real conversations. Typically, an Open Forum is a small group gathering with a moderator managing an “any question goes” format. The goal of the forums is not having easy answers to tough questions, but to open the door for continued conversation. Typical questions include the evidence for the existence of God and why bad things happen to good people if there is a loving God.
This is the continuation of the conversation that started at one of our Forums. In these one-on-one meetings and lunches, we walk with people who are looking for answers and show them that doubt and confusion are great starting places to ask the "big questions" about meaning and God. Giving people a place to vocalize their doubts about life, God, and faith is key to our follow up. We don’t bang on closed doors, but we sure love to engage when invited into the conversation.
Pouring a foundation is one of the first steps to building something—or someone. We believe that smaller group discussions are the best place to spark the conversations that lead to greater understanding of life, God, and faith. Our Foundations series explores in more detail how we can know God.