Richard Nix

Board member Richard Nix grew up in a Christian home in Duncan, Oklahoma. and accepted Jesus as his savior at a young age. He came to better understand what was expected of him as a follower of Christ through his young adult studies with John Singleton, his local pastor.

Nix experienced a turning point in his faith journey about 20 years ago when he attended a Search Ministries open forum.

“I’ve been involved through weekly lunch Bible studies ever since,” he says. “It has allowed me to open my heart and eyes to better appreciate all of God’s blessings and has provided a learning opportunity for me to grow as a ‘servant’ Christian – at home, at work and as a friend.”

Nix earned accounting and law degrees at the University of Oklahoma. He and wife Mindy live in Oklahoma City where he is an attorney with the law firm McAfee & Taft and a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences on employment benefit topics.

The couple has two children and three grandchildren. Richard enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing golf.