The Story of Search

Who is Search?

The story of Search is the search for meaningful stories. It’s been our mission for 40 years to invite adults to take a next step toward God. We do this by asking life’s “big questions,” offering honest answers, and initiating meaningful conversations. These conversations turn into genuine friendships and these friendships then become testaments to God’s grace.

These conversations are happening across the country, in 23 cities with a staff of over 60 committed individuals and growing every day.


The History of Search

The story of Search begins with a group of courageous young men deeply committed to sharing God’s love with as many people as possible. Their mission? To bring the best news in the world to their communities through honest conversations with spiritually curious adults. It’s been the Search mission for 40 years to meet people wherever they are on their spiritual journey…some still exploring, others taking their first steps, and still others who are committed to helping their friends understand the truth they have personally experienced. That vision became a reality and Search was founded in 1977. Today, we exist in 23 cities with over 60 full and part-time staff and growing. And our mission is more relevant today than it has ever been.