Foundations is Search’s primary tool for exploring what the Bible says about how to develop a meaningful and personal relationship with God.

It provides an opportunity to not only develop that close relationship, but to understand the key elements of Christian growth which can benefit us for the rest of our lives. To many people who have come to believe that there is a God and that He has revealed himself to us reliably in the Bible, there is yet a sense of futility about grasping the basic principles on developing this important relationship.

By way of analogy, coaches have learned to identify and impart the basics of any given sport to athletes. Foundations attempts to identify and impart the basics of intimacy with God as revealed throughout the Bible.

I'm Glad You Asked

Search’s original apologetics resource was written to reasonably address the most common questions people raise about christianity.
It came from the experience of thousands of conversations with seeking adults. however, over the past three decades we have seen a shift in the emphasis of a few of these questions, such that the original approach no longer addressed the heart of the current objection. We took a year to update every chapter for content, context, and style that fits better with our modern time.

Just like the original, the text guides you logically through the questions with helpful flow charts and practical illustrations. It shows how each objection is really an opportunity to explain the Gospel. I’m Glad You Asked is yet another tool for building the faith of the believer, as well as equipping you to personally answer the questions your seeking friends ask.

The Search for Meaning

The entirety of The Search for Meaning is available for free online to stream or download.

Life today is busy. And all too often, the demands of a hectic daily schedule keep us from pursuing answers to life’s big questions, the kinds of ultimate questions that give us a sense of who we are and why we’re here. Questions like why things don’t often go our way, how we should live life and what happens to us and our loved ones when we die.

We’re all vitally interested in these kinds of questions, but may be afraid that there are no answers, or that if we ask them to friends and family they’ll just give us a pat, condescending, dogmatic answers; or worse, that they’ll criticize, judge or even reject us.

Listen in as Bill and Lamar, two good friends, discuss their big questions with openness, honesty, logic, evidence, and a great deal of mutual respect. These are the kinds of conversations we’ve all wished for but perhaps thought couldn’t happen.

There is real help in these dialogues for intellectually honest people who want faith in God to make sense, who want to build a solid basis for purpose, meaning, ethics, and personal priorities in life.

Growing Your Marriage

With a growing divorce rate in our country and many of the remaining marriages surviving in a less than ideal state, the need for open honest dialogue about improving our own marriage has never been more apparent.

Growing Your Marriage is a four-to-six week series designed as a starter discussion for those who desire to know more about how to navigate their way to a healthier marriage. For centuries people from all social and spiritual backgrounds have held the social ethics of the Judeo-Christian Bible in high esteem. This discussion revolves around some of the time-honored principles found in its pages.

Open Forum

The Open Forum is a gathering of friends for the purpose of interacting on significant life and God issues. Normally, it takes place in a home or convenient daytime location for business and professional people and lasts for four weeks. Guests enjoy eating, meeting each other, laughing and sharing their thoughts. It is an authentic, stimulating discussion about basic life issues, not a lecture series, or theological debate

The objective is to create a safe atmosphere in which people can examine their philosophy of life. Many people have never carefully evaluated their beliefs in the context of open dialogue where everyone’s views are respected. The Open Forum provides a comfortable environment for just this kind of meaningful interaction.

Search sets up several guidelines to ensure a stimulating dialogue that is comfortable, affirming, and challenging. Three promises are reviewed at the beginning of each discussion.

  1. The forum is a group discussion where respectful disagreement is encouraged – not debate or a lecture. No one person or viewpoint will dominate.
  2. The discussion is limited to one hour in respect of everyone’s time. Informal conversations often continue afterwards.
  3. If and when appropriate, a brief biblical/Judeo-Christian perspective will be offered as one of the perspectives to be considered.