Tim Kilpatrick


Tim spent the first season of his work life growing and selling several companies in Ft. Worth, Texas, including a plastics company where he developed several proprietary cup designs during his tenure. These included the Coca-Cola Contour Cup (“over 1 billion sold”) and the 7-Eleven “Slurpee Splitzo Cup.”

Long before joining Search, Tim was no stranger to the organization. His spiritual story winds through decades of discipleship at the hands of Bill Kraftson and former Search Chairman Bill Garrison. He first attended and then hosted many Open Forums, eventually joining the Search Board.

On August 1st, 2016, Tim became the second President of Search Ministries, bringing tremendous organizational wisdom as we shift toward a new generation of gifted and passionate staff.

Larry Moody


Larry Moody, Th. M, is the CEO of Search Ministries. Larry has also been involved with professional athletes since 1978. He served as Chaplain for the Baltimore Colts 1978-1983 and as Chaplain to PGA Tour players from 1981 to the present. Larry currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Regents of Dallas Theological Seminary and as an EMF (K-LOVE and Air 1) board member.

For 50 years Larry has examined the evidences and arguments for and against Jesus Christ and the Bible. Much of this work was done in conversation with thousands of real people who have questions and objections to these topics. This led to the groundbreaking work that Larry Moody and Ken Boa laid out with I’m Glad You Asked. Today, Search continues to work with men and women in 26 cities across the country, in Latin America, and in China.

Dave Krueger


Dave studied at Multnomah Bible College and Dallas Seminary, going on to pastor a church for several years. In 1980 he joined Search with a passion for relational apologetics and discipleship. During his years with Search, Dave has been involved with Larry in leading the studies with the Baltimore Colts and as a chaplain to the PGA Tour players. He also served as a chaplain with the Baltimore Orioles for 25 years, and currently serves on the board of College Golf Fellowship.